About Walt

John Walters is a tombstone restoration expert from Connersville, Ind.  His nickname is “The Graveyard Groomer" or “Walt”

Walt has estimated that he has worked on almost 10,000 tombstones that have become unreadable Simply washing a tombstone's surface with ammonia and water can often improve its condition significantly, according to Walters.

Grave markers made from granite are "practically weather-proof," Walters said. But granite did not come into widespread use until after 1900. It's the marble and limestone tombstones of the 19th century that are most likely to be found in critical condition.

Be sure to check out some of the "Before and After" photos elsewhere on the site . . then give Walt a call at (765) 825-7313.


  John “Walt” Walters
  Cemetery Restoration Professional
  4521 South County Road 375 West
  Connersville, IN 47331
  (765) 825-7313


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